Think-tank predicts green energy policies will destroy tens of thousands of British jobs

The Green Mirage by John Constable

Contrary to Government claims, EU green energy policies are predicted to destroy tens of thousands of British jobs, claims think-tank Civitas.

Green economic policies mean more pain than gain for Britain, according to a new report by the Institute for the Study of Civil Society. The Green Mirage, by John Constable, finds claims that the low-carbon economy can deliver so-called ‘green collar’ jobs are staggeringly far-fetched and unsupported by official measures.

John Constable says: “Continuing to subsidise renewables will impose high costs on the rest of the economy. This will result in net job losses and loss of international competitiveness. A subsidised artificial market for low-carbon industries will provide premature reward for unready technologies, and actively discourage further invention.”

You can find the full press release at Civitas’ news pages


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