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Use, reuse, recycle and replant

A precious sustainable resources

Wood is one of the Earth’s most precious sustainable resources. We have a responsibility to use it in the very best way possible to ensure the long-term future of wood supply and our precious woodlands.

This blog will hopefully highlight the issues surrounding future wood supply and also directly supports the ‘hierarchy of use’ principle for wood:

Wood products need to be reused and recycled before eventually being turned into fuel by the biomass industry.

This is the best approach for the benefit of the environment because wood products have the ability to store carbon, which remains bound within the wood for its life cycle.

Once wood-products have been used, they should be re-used and recycled, then burnt to produce electricity.

Wood shavings

Use, reuse, recycle and then burn for energy

The hierarchy of use principle helps rationalise the use of wood and defines best practice for its use. That is to use and recycle wood and only burn it as the last resort. If more and more wood and forest residues go directly to energy biomass plants we are wastefully minimising the carbon cycle of wood.

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The authors of this blog are representatives of Oakbase PR, which is a marketing company retained by Kronospan UK. Kronospan is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of  wood-based panels and associated products, supplied to customers in the furniture, construction, distribution and DIY industries.


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