There’s a Facebook page…!

We found a Facebook page that supports the ‘Stop Burning Our Trees’ campaign and it has some good photographs of all the activity that’s been going on this week in London.

It looks like the giant Jenga went down well in Victoria Station. It certainly looks more fun than taking the wood straight to a power station to burn – hope nobody was late for their train because of it!

Mysterious tree labels and who’s behind them…

Make something with wood

More mysterious labels?

More details are slowly emerging about the mysterious tree labels that have been tied to trees in central London.

It seems its a campaign backed by The Wood Panel Industries Federation to put pressure on the government to change the subsidy regime for electricity generators and stop the UK’s wood resources being burned for biomass energy.

Other strange labels have also been attached to street furniture like benches and tables, which thank passersby for not burning the tree and making something with the wood instead. Also there was a giant game of Jenga in Victoria Station and there is supposed to be a pledge tree in Spitalfields from Friday to Sunday (November 11-13).

If you see any of this activity going on we would love to know what you think… The message ‘Stop Burning Our Trees’ certainly makes sense to us!

Strange labels on trees appearing in London…

Please don't burn me

Mysterious labels appearing on trees and benches...

It seems that London trees are fighting back against being burned for power generation by the biomass industry.

Mysterious labels have been appearing on trees in Westminster that read ‘Please don’t burn me!’. Also, a number of bus and tube adverts have been spotted that support the strange messages.

If you want to know more then it seems people are being sent to a website called Stop Burning Our Trees.